Augmented Enterprise Summit Exhibitor
Cleanbox Technology is a global leader in SmartTech Hygiene for corporate, healthcare, education and government markets. Cleanbox products use proprietary, patented UVC LED engineering to easily, quickly, and safely clean many types of “Shared Items” to healthcare-level (99.999%) decontamination in 60 seconds. Founded in 2018 by Amy Hedrick, Cleanbox has gained the trust of thousands of customers in over 50 countries with clients such as Childrens’ Hospital Los Angeles, Ford Motor Company, Veterans Administration, Lockheed Martin, and United Airlines.

Global Market Leader in Safe, Fast and Effective Cleaning of Shared Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (XR) Headsets, Glasses and Peripherals: The Cleanbox CX Product Line is well established as a mandatory requirement for the safe use of Shared XR Items with a significant market share of Fortune 100 clients across industries that use XR for training, marketing, engineering, medical and other commercial applications. Cleanbox products are incorporated in standard operating procedures (SOPs) for multiple XR production and pilot programs in healthcare, education, government, transportation, manufacturing, and retail.

With the introduction of the Cleanbox OmniClean Product Line, Cleanbox is gaining global leadership in the Safe, Fast and Effective Cleaning of a wide range of shared manufacturing tools, respirator masks, testing equipment, stethoscopes and many other items.