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Contact CI
Maestro EP are the newest haptic gloves from Contact CI. Created for VR and AR, these lightweight and wireless haptic gloves are designed to allow for natural use and movement of the hands while interacting hands-on in virtual environments.

Using a blend of force-feedback and vibro-tactile feedback, Maestro EP delivers convincing haptics in a way that allows for the acquisition of new skills or information when using VR for training. If it's dangerous, expensive, or prohibitive from a material standpoint, training in VR with these gloves is an effective solution. Their hand-tracking and headset agnostic approach allows for broad compatibility with any setup.


Tech Experts Reactions from CES 2023 Debut of Maestro EP Haptic Gloves

Hear from some of the incredible VR and Haptics experts who visited our booth last month in this compilation video featuring hands-on reviews and impressions of our new Multi-Force Ergonomic Haptic Gloves.

Who is Contact CI? - Hear From The Team Building Multi-Force Ergonomic Haptics

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