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Haply Robotics
Haply Robotics is a Canada-based, award-winning supplier of haptic and robotics technologies, with a strong track-record of applied R&D and product development. Haply's latest offering is its flagship Inverse3 controller, a portable, high-performance force-feedback platform for tool-based tasks targeting a wide range of applications. Finding a foothold in emerging and well-established industries, Inverse3 has already proven itself in areas including advanced robotic control, remote diagnostics & tele-medicine, virtual training & simulation, hazardous material handling, precision-enhancement, and microgravity science glovebox (MSG).

Haply's mission is to build technologies that touch lives. Our products are thoughtfully and meticulously designed and built to be accessible, inclusive, and simple to use—whether your applications are in medicine, education, art, design, or entertainment. We foster a diverse community of innovators, pioneering intuitive new technologies that enliven our connection with the digital world.


Haply Robotics

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A new kind of force-feedback controller, reimagined for unmatched versatility