Augmented Enterprise Summit Exhibitor
Invisible Thread

Invisible Thread is a creative agency that harnesses the power of innovative visual storytelling to inspire meaningful connections and drive positive impact. Our team of dreamers, artists, and builders specialize in crafting immersive experiences across a range of platforms, including mobile, web, live events, installations, exhibits, and interactive digital content. With our unique blend of creativity and technology, we bring stories to life and create transformative moments that leave a lasting impression on audiences.


How AR is Enhancing Human Connectivity During COVID-19

To keep family and friends connected during COVID-19, visual effects company, Invisible Thread, developed an augmented reality application that would enhance video communication to keep people more authentically connected during a time of separation. Co-founder Alex Hessler explains how they built the concept and why they use the Verizon Visa® Card to help with product development.

Invisible Thread is Breaking Barriers with Immersive Storytelling

What happens when you gather some of the industry’s most talented filmmakers, designers, and creators – and ask them to design stories that address real-world problems in society?