Augmented Enterprise Summit Exhibitor
Modest Tree
Modest Tree develops immersive training and digital twin solutions to contextualize data, train staff, and inform decision making. We help organizations visualize their digital assets, operations, and/or processes which can be accessed via a multitude of platform types (including Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)), enabling the integration of simulations and real-time data to drive decision-making. Modest Tree leverages our software solutions to streamline data optimization and integration, visualize and contextualize data, and provide an immersive environment for the user to interact with the digital twin.

Modest Tree offers a full suite of service and software offerings which cover all aspects of the delivery of digital twin solutions. Leveraging 10 years’ experience working with leading industrial firms in defence, industrial manufacturing, and aerospace, we have provided immersive solutions that leverage enterprise data to help organizations visualize their physical products and processes, deliver virtual training, and continually optimize their operations.