Augmented Enterprise Summit Exhibitor
Movella is dedicated to enhancing human factors’, well-being and productivity in the workplace. Leveraging Xsens motion capture technology, we enable data-driven ergonomic assessments. Our solutions boost productivity, reduce injuries, and improve job satisfaction. Creating a safer, and more comfortable work environment.


Utilizing Motion Capture Technology in Workplace Ergonomics Webinar

During the webinar, our Health & Sport product specialist went over the benefits and applications of motion capture in assessing and optimizing workplace ergonomics conditions. The topics included:

1. Human motion measurement in the workplace environment
2. Xsens hardware's unique capabilities in human motion analysis that allow you to get field data in complex and even highly-magnetic environments
3. Setting up the hardware, including sensor attachment and calibration
4. Real-life user cases showcasing workers in a production factory
5. Live Q&A session with our sales specialist

Workplace ergonomics using MVN RULA

Discover how MVN RULA can improve workers' health and safety in any environment.