Augmented Enterprise Summit Sponsor
Mytaverse is building the Metaverse for enterprise. Founded in 2020 by Kenneth Landau and Jaime Lopez, Mytaverse is a cloud-based platform that allows 3D-immersive, multiplayer workplace environments. Mytaverse takes a hardware-agnostic approach, enabling users to enter the metaverse via any browser on any device, from mobile to desktop to VR goggles. Mytaverse raised a $7.6mm Seed Round in February 2022, led by Blumberg Capital. Companies like PepsiCo, Dassault Corporation, Zaha Hadid Architects, Asian Sky group, and Tekni-plex have already experienced the power of Mytaverse to bring their teams, partners, and customers together. Mytaverse allows companies to experience face-to-face interactions anytime, anywhere, from any device.