Augmented Enterprise Summit Exhibitor
NAQI Logix

Naqi Neural Earbuds and screen-free interface truly represent the next-generation Human-Machine Interface as they allow users to command, control, and navigate computers, devices, AR/VR systems, IoT, robots, and wheelchairs in a voice-free, touch-free, and screen-free manner. Our neural earbuds will redefine how users interact with digital devices, creating entirely new input methodologies for those who require assistive technologies, elderly users, gamers and e-sports, athletes, and military personnel. Naqi Neural Earbuds are a safe, non-invasive alternative to brain implants as they give everyone the superpower to control computers and connected devices in an almost magical way while providing a "third arm and second controller" for gamers everywhere.


CENTURY: AGE OF ASHES (by Playwing) Controlled with Naqi Earbuds

This is a brief demonstration of how Naqi Earbuds will be able to deliver complex gaming input into tomorrow's games. Not only will Naqi-Enabled smart earbuds revolutionize input for traditional gamers worldwide, but they will also empower gamers around the world who suffer from quadriplegia, amputations, and debilitating neuromuscular diseases allowing them to compete heads-up with fully-abled players. Naqi Logix Inc. is a member of Harrisburg University's Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) and a tenant in HU's start-up incubator.

Model 3 - Preview