Augmented Enterprise Summit Exhibitor
Quantum Interface
Quantum Interface provides groundbreaking, patented interaction technologies to improve the Human Experience. These change how we interact with, visualize, and understand data, content, and information, enhancing user experiences across Mobile, XR, IoT, AI, CV, and beyond. One example - our QIVX product reduces in-lesson training time by 80% and increases complex-task first-time success to over 90% (USAF). This self-authoring tool is easier to use than PowerPoint and YouTube, and is the only tool where the user interacts at the speed of conscious thought. Our hands-free, gaze-controlled MR technology is now the training and operations tool of choice for the USAF’s most advanced test flight and maintenance divisions.

Only QI’s technology predicts the user’s intent and confidence while making decisions, making the content intelligent. We are bringing our award-winning technologies, developed for DoD/SOCOM/NASA, telecom, and global flagship products for our medical customers, to the enterprise world. Our mission is to bring best-in-world technologies into your services and products.


Future of the Quantum Interface no-touch AR interface with Living Pop-ups

QI has the only design for interacting with AR content dynamically without touching the mobile device screen. this same interaction can be used with glasses, headworns, head or face gaze, no-touch interfaces and even mouse cursors. We worked with Living Popups who made the content and showed jointly at AT&T Shape.

QIVX for the USAF - the future of interactive, self authoring immersive experiences

The Future of Training, Mission Execution and Knowledge Transfer. Quantum Interface has created a new generation of training and enhanced human performance products that work the way the brain does, are gaze, touch, mobile or PC-based, and allow lessons or mission exercises or awareness to be created in minutes and works cross-platform. Based on our award-winning interaction technology, our system allows learning at typically 3 times faster rates, higher cognition, and retention up to 95% the first time.