Augmented Enterprise Summit Exhibitor

With over one million trained in VR, Strivr is transforming the employee journey through Immersive Learning. Incubated at Stanford, Strivr’s platform powers the creation, delivery, management, and measurement of VR-based learning to optimize workforce performance. With Strivr, enterprises gain unique learning and assessment data to measure training effectiveness, evaluate role potential, and predict learning outcomes at scale. From hiring to training and upskilling, Strivr is proud to partner with elite sports teams and Fortune 1000 companies to elevate performance through immersive experience.


Measuring the Value of Immersive LEarning

Look around. The value of Immersive Learning manifests across the entire business. From cost savings, to operational efficiency, to employee engagement, explore the measurable impact of Immersive Learning.

VR Self-Assessment Tool

Give us your business challenge, we’ll give you recommendations for how to solve it with VR training. Results are based on successful deployments in your industry and experience training over 1M employees with VR.