Augmented Enterprise Summit Exhibitor
trainPOINT is committed to building high quality, on demand, micro-learning training tools that are available 24/7/365 that inspire your workforce and strengthen your culture. Our industry recognized experts utilize the latest technology and hardware to develop simulations of both daily and dangerous scenarios. These scenarios effectively assess skills and also upskill and train your team on any subject, procedure, or methodology regardless of topic or specialty. These courses take a 60 minute PowerPoint down to less than 5 minutes encouraging and tempting the learner to try again to improve their scores.

We conceptualize and create authentic virtual exercises that are fun, exciting, and have proven retention. When there’s an emotional connection with an experience, it encourages learning retention and muscle memory. These courses are designed to prepare your workforce for whatever may lie ahead and focus on the job at hand.



Our fully immersive Virtual Reality courses will provide the benefits of hands on training while solving many of the logistical and financial challenges associated with large scale simulated training exercises. Through these courses, your workforce will have the benefit of meaningful hands-on training pertaining to job skills applicable in the work place. This will allow your organization to deploy your training curriculum and procedures globally while avoiding costly mistakes that can be made when employees are trained on actual machinery. These “Real Experiences” nurture an emotional connection to the training materials that have a lasting impact on muscle memory and retention. Most of these courses have been thoughtfully custom developed with our partners over the years by Subject Matter Experts from Global Organizations at the top of their field.


In addition to our virtual reality courses, we also offer desktop training games for ease of deployment and widespread access. This way you can impart the same knowledge you would from a VR course, with no need for additional infrastructure or hardware. Play these courses from any computer and experience transitionalREALITY.