AES 2022 Exhibitor

EducationXR is a device agnostic immersive training and education platform that addresses no-code creation, deployment, and distribution of immersive content to all phones, tablets, desktops and VR headsets.

Features of EducationXR include interactions across all devices, user authentication (SSO), remote connectivity, user analytics, 3D VR heatmaps, mobile and tablet augmented reality, assessment engine, LMS integration, and offline caching.

Increase ROI with delivery to all devices that support immersive learning with EducationXR!


Who is EducationXR?

Device agnostic delivery of immersive training and education content.

No-code, create once, deploy everywhere!

Customer users include GE Healthcare, Medtronic, Merck, Bracco Diagnostics, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, University of Nebraska/CDC, Mass General Hospital, California Career Technical Education (CTE).