Play-Werk / Forklift-Simulator
Play-Werk is the leader in immersive learning for the logistics industry.

The first product VR forklift-simulator is now used at more than 200+ companies to screen, train and inspire their operators. The solution is safe, practical, engaging and data driven. It provokes behavioral change and is loved by trainers and operators alike.

Especially logistic labour intensive companies like retailers, CPG's, 3PL's and staffing agencies achieve great ROI results very quickly.

A complete range of immersive learning for other warehouse jobs is under development to cover a full career in logistics.

Play hard, Work smart at booth #442


The effectiveness of VR gaming on workforce training.

Our new desktop models are a huge success and used by leading companies to screen and train their workforce in virtual reality. Check out what our customers say and see how they increase safety, ROI and overall productivity.

Interview with Andrew Stone, Consultant at Impac

In preparation for National Forklift Safety Day 2022 (NFSD2022) Forklift Simulator has been sitting down to chat with some of our clients. This week we spoke with Andrew Stone. He is General manager of VR Competencies at Impac, a workplace safety firm in Auckland, New Zealand.

Arte documentary on gamification in the industry.

They say that when Germany industry accepts a technology it's for real. Virtual reality looks to have reached this point. Forklift-simulator was selected as a key example of gamification learning in industry for a TV at ZDF and Arte.