LLS provides solutions for workflow guide creation, training, support, and analytics using highly accurate 3D models and AR/VR technology.

Our flagship product,, is a SaaS solution that transforms training and support from the limitations of the physical to the virtual world.

Our clients are using to significantly reduce the cost of training and support within their organizations and among their clientele.

Unlike competitive products, digital twin creation process is extremely rapid and produces precise interactive 3D files that are around one-tenth of the size of conventional 3D files.

This enables to deploy digital twin models onto any device, PC, tablet, mobile, AR and VR headsets as well as integrate digital twinning with advanced technologies like VR, AR, and MR.

Notable customers such as HP, Rotax, Bobst and many others using to retain their technical competencies, empower their product operators and train their personal with much higher effectiveness and by that cutting service, support and training expenses