Keen Research

Keen Research develops SDKs and software tools for on-device speech recognition on mobile devices and custom hardware platforms. KeenASR SDK is based on a state-of-the-art speech recognition engine with Deep Neural Network at its core, and it includes a variety of acoustic models. With our solution, all the processing happens on the device ("offline"); there are no privacy concerns and no need for backend scaling.

The SDK provides developers with a lot of control and flexibility, providing support for custom vocabulary domains, robust recognition in noisy environments, and many other features. It is currently available for iOS (Objective C, Swift), Android, and Linux.

KeenASR SDK powers a number of enterprise mobile/AR apps covering use cases such as voice-picking, augmented intelligence, checklists, workflows, interactive videos, training, etc.


On-device Speech Recognition for Enterprise Mobile App

KeenASR SDK is a software development kit for on-device automatic speech recognition on mobile devices and custom hardware platforms. The SDK runs on iOS, Android, Linux, and ChromeOS operating systems.

Introduction to our On-device Speech Recognition Solutions for Enterprise Mobile Apps.

This overview of our solutions for on-device speech recognition for mobile devices and custom hardware platforms. The focus is mainly on the Enterprise segment - highlighting features and benefits relevant for frontline workers.

On-device Speech Recognition, Use Cases in Enterprise

Learn how on-device speech recognition can voice-enable your enterprise mobile apps and custom hardware devices.