Safe Software Inc.

Safe Software is a leader in spatial data integration and helps organizations create enterprise value with location intelligence. The company offers FME, the only Enterprise Integration Platform with comprehensive support for spatial data. With connections to 450+ data sources (such as GIS, BIM, IoT, and AR) and co-code integration solutions, FME empowers organizations to realize the potential of digital twins for improved asset and infrastructure management, better customer and citizen experience, and real-time operational insights. Safe Software serves customers in diverse industries, including Government, Utilities, Energy, AEC, Telecom, and Transportation.


Safe Software: The Spatial Data Evolution: Integrating Data

Spatial data, also known as geospatial data, is any data that has information about a location.

Data Integration Solutions for Digital Twins

Discover how FME® can help you maximize the value of your data by leveraging data from disparate sources to build and share digital twins and enable data-driven decisions and collaboration across the organization.

Accelerate Your Business Strategy with Digital Twins

Learn how you can make the most of digital twins and achieve a competitive advantage in your industry.