Six15 Technologies
Six15 Technologies is a technology company that designs, develops, and manufactures head-up displays (HUDs) for users operating in the world’s most demanding environments. From the front lines to the factory floor, Six15 is building more than just innovative technologies; the company’s purpose is to productize wearable solutions that help protect lives, enhance performance, and improve safety. Our goal is to help bring everyone home safe, no matter the mission.

Why? Because we believe that access to the right technology tools can make a difference in people’s lives and the work they do. This mission is what fuels our team and we are united by the ambition to invent new technology and products that make a difference in the world.

Customer Focus
Originally specializing in the military and public safety industries, Six15 has expanded to serve enterprise end users. Six15’s nimble and innovative team helps turn its customers’ needs into reality. Through partnerships with leading manufacturers of mobile devices, they design and develop solutions for use cases in warehousing, manufacturing, field service, and other commercial areas.

Pioneering Technology
Six15’s engineers are pioneers in the enterprise wearables industry. With patents ranging from near-eye optics through to their integration into HUDs, Six15’s engineers boast the expertise and intellectual property that are crucial to the performance, reliability, and quality of every Six15 product.

Six15’s proprietary optical technology seamlessly integrates into a company’s existing architecture, allowing for drastically reduced cost of implementation and faster on-boarding to facilitate increased productivity and rapid scalability.