TAP Systems, Inc.
Tap Systems develops wearable controllers that make augmented reality as easy to use as your smartphone. The Tap Band is a wrist wearable that allows effortless interaction with enterprise and consumer AR/VR/XR systems.

The Tap Band accurately detects any finger tap combination on any surface, and sends the decoded character or command to the host device. Users can type at over 70 words per minute, and can send over 150 customizable commands that can be mapped to finger taps. TapOS is an SDK that allows developers to easily build fast, intuitive interactions into their applications. It supports menus, lists, switches, sliders and many other elements.

Tap speeds and simplifies any interaction with remote and immersive screens, allowing for longer interactions without stress or fatigue. Unlike current interaction solutions such as projected keys, hand-held controllers, or hand tracking, the Tap Band excels in any environment, is not limited by field of view, and it will not fatigue users when used for long periods of time.

Our goal is to provide the hardware and software to make AR and VR easy, intuitive, fast, and stress free.


Scrolling, selecting, and typing with the new Tap Band and the TapOS toolkit

Controlling AR Should be as Easy as Using your iPhone:

The Tap Band is a wrist band that uses opto-mechanical sensing technology to detect finger tap gestures. TapOS is an SDK for developers to create easy interactions on any XR platform.