Theorem Solutions
Theorem Solutions are industry leaders when it comes to enabling some of the world’s largest engineering and manufacturing organisations to optimise their 3D engineering design data.
We have taken our years of knowledge and experience of working with 3D CAD and Visualization data and partnered it with innovative XR technologies to create a collaborative visualization suite of use case focused XR experiences.

The Theorem XR suite enables users to upload 3D CAD data into XR quickly and easily, allowing engineers and designers to experience their 3D data spatially, and perform everyday engineering tasks in Augmented, Mixed or Virtual Reality.

Underpinned by our Visualization Pipeline, a server-based technology that enables fast, efficient, flexible, and automated processing of all 3D CAD and visualization data, Theorem XR is an out-of-the-box ready software product that is device and data neutral. This approach means that there is no need to hesitate to join in the digital revolution; we can work with any device, right now.
Unlock the power of your 3D data with Theorem XR!


Identifying XR Use Cases with Guaranteed ROI

When you’re thinking about adopting XR within your organization, the first and most important step is to identify a clear-cut use case that will provide a tangible return on investment (ROI).

Theorem-XR Q2 2022 Delivers Ease of use and Adoption for XR

Theorem-XR’s Q2 2022 release brings a whole host of exciting new features, and user-friendly updates to support the requirements of the growing Extended Reality (XR) community. With a focus on handheld Augmented Reality devices in this release, XR is now easier to use, deploy and adopt across the enterprise using existing hardware (Windows, Android, and iOS devices).

How to Optimize Design Data for any XR Use Case

How you prepare and optimize your engineering and manufacturing design data is a key step in delivering a smooth experience to your chosen Extended Reality - XR device.