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Humans learn best by doing. Hand tracking enables users to use their own hands in a 3D environment, a natural and intuitive way of interacting. This means that they can learn procedural tasks or simulate interactions almost as naturally as they would on the job. This helps people to learn faster and remember for longer.

Hand tracking can be used alongside controllers or even replace them to enable countless new ways of interacting. This expands the XR enterprise market overall, but also enables a wide range of use-cases in VR training and simulation.

Ultraleap are the global experts in hand tracking and a key player in the XR ecosystem. Our hand tracking technology captures all the subtlety and complexity of natural hand movements – it tracks your hand in 3D space and allows you to interact directly with digital content.

Our hand tracking matches the position of your virtual hands to your real ones more accurately and reliably than any other solution on the market. It’s based on a decade of development and iteration, generations of research in artificial intelligence and the feedback of hundreds of thousands of developers.

Want to find out how Ultraleap can help make your XR interactions more accessible and intuitive? Be sure to stop by booth #906 to talk to the team!


What is VR training?

VR training replaces traditional in-person or online training with immersive digital experiences. Virtual reality headsets are used to provide a fully immersive, safe, interactive environment for active learning and training.

Ultraleap hand tracking on the Pico Neo 3 Pro
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VR training replaces in-person or online training with immersive digital experiences. Our guide explores VR's potential, applications, and barriers to adoption.

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