Anand Jaiswal
SWM International
Director Industry 4.0

Director for Industry 4.0 at Mativ, Anand Jaiswal, is responsible for developing and implementing digital solutions and the Industry 4.0 program in line with Mativ's global roadmap, working with all key stakeholders(Production, Maintenance, Systems, Safety, Lean, Quality, External Suppliers).

In addition to building a data-driven operations and management team, he is exploring new IIoT and sensor devices. His team is currently engaged in standardizing processes and solutions across the organization. Additionally, Anand's team is exploring the Extended Reality and expanding remote assistance within and outside the organization.

With a strong background in Software development, Analytics, and Industry 4.0, Anand has led multiple programs for margin and price improvements, customer experience, and Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Anand holds a Bachelor of Science degree from India, a Master of Technology Management degree from Columbia University, New York, and an MBA in Business and Technology from Quantic.