Andrew Brokaw
CNH Industrial
Virtual and Augmented Reality Simulation Manager

Andrew Brokaw joined CNH Industrial in early 2008 on the Virtual Reality team. In 2010 he took over management of the VR Simulation team. His team is responsible for development and usage of XR (VR/AR/MR) technologies in the CNH Industrial product development process. Examples of work would be Virtual Prototyping, VR Styling reviews, Simulated Ergonomics, Virtual Immersive Customer Clinics, VR Manufacturing studies, and Immersive Interactive Marketing support. He Is based in Burr Ridge, IL, USA but supports all of the VR sites worldwide. In the time he has been at CNH Industrial, the number of VR capable sites and dedicated team has tripled. This VR work spans all aspects of the company including engineering, manufacturing, training, service, and sales/marketing.