Andrew Peterson
Global Digital Tools & Innovation Engineer

Andrew has spent the last 5 years researching, strategizing, and leading innovative projects for Cummins in spaces like IoT, Augmented and Virtual Reality. This work has led to Cummins first production implementation of tools that leverage these cutting-edge technologies specifically for customer support. Andrew is currently working to drive implementation of these tools and technologies in all Cummins locations which accounts for roughly 190 countries. With his expertise in this space, Andrew also heads the Cummins AR/VR/XR Forum, which is a review group consisting of key stakeholders working toward Cummins technology goals. Andrew is responsible for coordinating efforts across teams and business units, setting company wearable strategy, and driving best practices and lessons learned into new projects.

Andrew holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University. Andrew has worked for Cummins since 2015 where he started as a mechanical design and validation engineer supporting work for North American pickup truck brands and Cummins X15 product lines. Outside of Cummins, Andrew has generated a lot of skills in the same space he now supports for Cummins. He builds internet connected devices, tinkers with some web development, finds interesting uses for AI/computer vision, and designs/builds interesting things using digital fabrication tools.