Doug Stephen
President, Learning Division

As President of the CGS Enterprise Learning division, Doug Stephen leverages his more than 20 years of experience consulting and partnering with Fortune 100 companies to prepare the world’s leaders for Digital Transformation.

Doug leads the global development, sales, operations, and growth to offer leaders robust, agile, multi-touch, multi-approach programs that integrate across platforms, technologies, and learning styles to help drive employee performance and business initiatives. Introduced in 2019, TeamworkAR is a mixed reality platform focused on changing the future of work and learning. TeamworkAR™  is device and industry agnostic and has been deployed in retail outlets, medical settings, technology field services and manufacturing supply chains. Doug has spoken at various industry events including ATD TechKnowledge, EWTS and Field Service. He has also written articles and been quoted for such publications as CLO, Forbes,, Huffington Post and Information Week.