Lucky Lance K. Gobindram
General Manager

Innovation driven technology executive with experience in full-life cycle product development, strategy, and team building.

Serving as General Manager at CXR, a NYC based Creative Technology Lab that is hell bent on designing and building spatial experiences (VR/AR/MR) that work well with ease of use, utilizing cutting edge techniques in design, user experience and engineering.

Established track record of designing and deploying emerging technologies into commercial successes across diverse platforms in brands and enterprises.

Primarily focused on strategy and driving technology innovation specializing in connecting audiences to products, services and people.

A highly effective communicator to both technical and non-technical audiences translating technology solutions into plain-speak. Futurist and lecturer for topics relating to/including the change in social capital, when/why to build an application, practical applications of augmented and virtual reality and the next imminent app gold rush.