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Michael Calvillo
Senior Product Designer

Michael Calvillo, PhD, is a Senior Product Designer at Bayer Crop Science, US. He is a member of a large User-Centered Design team who focuses on delivering highly usable hardware and software solutions to R&D pipeline end-users. With over 25 years of experience as a UX practitioner with companies like Gateway Computers, Human Factors International, Inc., and DST Systems, Michael focuses his efforts primarily on business strategy and alignment research along with more traditional product-centric UX research methods.

He received his doctoral degree in Human Factors Psychology from the University of South Dakota in 2003. He also holds a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizations Psychology from Lamar University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Psychology from Morningside College.


Carrie Roy & Michael Calvillo (Bayer) - AR Technologies in Crop Science Data Collection | EWTS 2020

Carrie and Michael discuss their experiences pitching for and receiving corporate innovation funds, the benefits of conducting zero-budget, proof-of-concept experiments, and partnering with internal agile development teams and key vendors.