Michael Newsham
Director of Emerging Technology, HR Innovations

With more than a decade of experience as a learning and development professional, Michael has excelled in applying new technologies and creating optimal learning experiences driving employee development and business growth. From enhancing core knowledge to building and enhancing skills, Michael and his team help to support and drive organization’s strategic goals and objectives. As the Global Learning Systems and Development Lead for Bayer, Michael applies his entrepreneurial mind to uncover new and innovative ways to prepare the workforces for the future. Michael spends his time partnering with business stakeholders across the world to drive results by establishing a learning strategy, implementing and using new technologies, and delivering the right learning experience for the right employees. He is responsible for the providing an optimal digital learning experience for Bayer which has a global workforce of 100,000+ employees and thousands of external stakeholders. During his 7 years at Bayer, he has assisted HR through several business transformations, debuted goal-based learning including assessment of role-based competencies, continues to drive capturing and leveraging data to improve learning initiatives and enabled the workforce to develop and grow from sales teams and agronomists in the field to executives in the board room.

Currently Michael is working to integrate Bayer and Monsanto tools, systems and strategies for Learning and Development. Prior to Bayer Michael spent seven years working at the United States District Courts in the Eastern District of Missouri in the information technology department, serving as an IT liaison, training specialist, and technology expert for the District Court, Probation, and Pretrial Offices.