Matt Burns
State Farm
Technology Manager

Matt is the Digital Experience Technology Manager for State Farm’s XR and customer-facing chatbot teams. He has spent the majority of his career with State Farm where he has had the opportunity to have multiple roles to shape his background and knowledge, such as senior full stack software developer, senior database administrator, and senior Scrum Master.

Matt leads the creation of State Farm’s XR strategy as well as leads all of the execution. He partners with vendors as well as leads a highly skilled and dedicated full studio XR development team to create virtual reality and augmented reality experiences for State Farm. Additionally, Matt leads State Farm's digital customer-facing chatbot team, with the goal of providing customers a quick and easy self-service option via web, SMS, and voice-activated devices.

Although originally from Iowa, one of Matt’s life goals was to move to a state where he would rarely – if ever – see snow or long periods of freezing temperatures. He was successful in that goal and currently lives in Orlando, Florida, with his wife Anna, his son Caleb, and his daughter Brooke.

Matt earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management Information Systems, with a minor in Computer Information Systems, from the University of Northern Iowa.


Demo of State Farm XR Scaled Products and the Journey That Got Us There | EWTS 2021

This presentation features the State Farm journey of adopting XR to scalable enterprise products. Matt and Tacha showcase multiple use cases and demos, including one hands-on demo that viewers can launch right from the presentation. Additionally, metrics will be shared, including QR code scan rates, camera access granted rates, percentage of users who finished the experience, and what percentage of users clicked on a primary call-to-action at the end of the experience.