Reach XR and Emerging Tech Buyers Across Enterprise on a More Personal and Impactful Level

    • In addition to world-class conferences, BrainXchange provides digital content solutions for companies with immersive and other IoT products and services for enterprise.
    • BrainXchange is uniquely situated to create compelling content that moves your target audience. Get in front of thousands of hard-to-reach buyers of business and industrial AR/VR/MR (XR) and other emerging tech by partnering with someone who has spent over eight years speaking directly to them. We know what enterprises want and need, and have been producing platforms and content to keep them informed and engaged since 2015.
    • From webinars to white papers, blog posts, video production, and more, partnering with BrainXchange means relevant thought leadership, elevated brand awareness, high engagement, productive conversations, and – of course – quality leads for your company.


Hosting webinars is a proven strategy for demonstrating thought leadership, promoting products and services, and obtaining leads. As seasoned conference organizers, we treat every webinar as a digital extension of a single session at one of our events. You benefit from our event production expertise and relationships with thousands of influential enterprise professionals.


White papers remain one of the best ways to position your company as an expert in the space, while eBooks tackle industry topics in an easy-to-consume format. We have first-hand knowledge of enterprises’ needs, challenges and status when it comes to adopting XR and wearables. Let our staff writers give you a voice that speaks directly to readers’ business problems and raise your credibility via content that can be leveraged over and over.


High-quality videos are still the most powerful way to address customers and buyers with immediacy. We know what buyers need to see and hear to make decisions, enabling us to craft a potent message through the script and, together with talented videographers, film editors, animators and other professionals, visually direct a video that influences viewers to engage with your company and solution(s).


  • Articles and Blog Posts
  • Targeted Emails
  • Infographics and More