EWTS is now The Augmented Enterprise Summit (AES)



All Speakers Need to Submit

  1. Headshot (high-res, JPG or PNG)
  2. Short bio (250 words or less)
  3. Social media: Links to your LinkedIn profile and other social accounts

Solo Presenters Need to Submit

Preliminary Title & Abstract for Your Talk:

  1. Title: Your presentation title should generate interest while also letting attendees know what the session is about
  2. Abstract (description): 250 words (recommended) speaking to the presentation topic/context and what attendees can expect to learn

The information does not need to be final as far as what attendees will see onsite at the event in October, but will act more as a temporary placeholder to give prospective audience members an idea of the focus of your talk.

Final Title & Abstract for Your Talk:

Title and description for your talk as you would like it to appear on all onsite materials.

Presentation Slides:

 A copy of the slide deck accompanying your presentation. This will also be uploaded to the online platform for attendees to save/view. More information on slides can be found here. Please attach any videos embedded in your slides, as well.

*NOTE* You may upload a second version of your slides for the event platform/app. Attendees will be able to access this version, so you may remove any sensitive information if necessary.

Marketing Guide

To get the most out of your involvement, we have created some visual and other assets to help you promote your participation and enhance your performance at this year’s event.

Click here to access the AES 2022 Marketing Guide, which includes:

Social media/event promotion details | Important event links | Visual assets | Branding guidelines

Thought Leadership/Content Opportunities

For seven years now, the EnterpriseWear blog has been the leading resource for industry professionals to educate themselves on XR and wearables at work. With your experience and expertise, we would love to get you involved in producing some educational content. If this is something that interests you, let us know below and we will prepare some customized content opportunities based on your background.