Ada Restrepo
Mary Kay Global
Global Digital Business Manager

Ada is an experienced Global Digital Product Manager with a passion for Product Management and a demonstrated track record of successful digital launches globally on web and mobile. She has experience in the field of Market Technology with global expertise in the Latin America region. Ada currently leads the Global Digital Tools Team at Mary Kay Inc., where she has played a key role in Mary Kay’s digital innovation efforts which includes revolutionizing Mary Kay’s Independent Beauty Consultants’ (IBCs) ability to unleash their full potential through digital upskilling, the development and roll-out of innovative digital tools, from award-winning apps featuring augmented reality (AR), to connecting IBCs with their customers in more effective and seamless ways.

Ada has previously worked at Facebook (now Meta) and Univision. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. She’s also a book and cinema enthusiast, and loves spending time with her young daughter.