Arafat Mahabub
Sr. Project Engineer

Arafat Mahabub took the role of Project Engineer – Automation for the past four years at Kohler Co. Prior to this role, he held various engineering roles within the company, prominently working in the robotics division. As part of his current role, Arafat is responsible for developing automation projects that meets the expectation of the company’s strategy in the Vitreous, Plastics and Electronics business division in a global scale. Project that entails improving efficiency by automating processes and applying technology that will increase productivity is what Arafat strives to develop and implement within Kohler Co.

Arafat is keen on Augmented/Virtual Reality technology and has seen the benefits it can bring to the connected manufacturing world. Due to such interest, Arafat has worked collaboratively with several stakeholders since 2020 to introduce and utilize AR technology that can benefit the company from remote support, Electronic Work Instructions, automatic documentation, data collection, auto inspection, etc. However, new technology implementations come with challenges that can be addressed through effective collaboration and having a strong vision that aligns well with strategy. This is what Arafat works towards developing and implementing in the Augmented Reality world for Kohler Co.’s Vitreous, Plastics and Electronics division.

Arafat received Bachelor of Science in Industrial & Entrepreneurial Engineering with minor in Mathematics and Integrated Supply Management from Western Michigan University and has received Master of Business Administration from Marquette University.