Jeffrey Berthiaume
Southwest Airlines
Sr. Innovator

Jeffrey Berthiaume is a seasoned innovator with a diverse range of experiences across multiple industries. He currently serves as a Senior Innovator at Southwest Airlines, where he leverages his knowledge and expertise to drive innovation within the organization.

Jeffrey's career has been characterized by a passion for problem-solving and a deep understanding of customer needs. He has worked on numerous projects that have improved the airline's operations and customer experience, including the implementation of new technologies, the development of new products and services, and the optimization of business processes.

Prior to joining Southwest, Jeffrey spent several years working in the advertising industry, where he developed iOS projects for clients such as Experian, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Teleflora, and Mnet. He was responsible for managing project timelines, ensuring client satisfaction, and delivering high-quality products on time and on budget.

Throughout his career, Jeffrey has developed a reputation for his passion for innovation, his ability to work collaboratively with teams, and his dedication to delivering high-quality products and services.