Kurt Scheuringer
Amazon AWS
Principal Spatial Computing Solutions Architect, Emerging Technologies

Kurt, a Principal Spatial Computing Solutions Architect working in visualization technologies at AWS. Having past experience in life-cycle processes of Business Development, Design/Development, Manufacturing, and Sustainment, Kurt is heavily focused on researching, standardizing, and deploying at-scale visualization solutions for all business life-cycle stages. Kurt’s extensive background in XR and Enterprise software development provides him leverage to convey the technical details while bringing it up a level to relate to the overall value.

Holistic and open-architecture visualization software pipelines is the core to successful deployments across any number of current (i.e. XR, PC) and new (i.e. Brain-Computer Interfaces) platforms. Paving the way on future technology integration research, to include adjacent relevant technologies, Kurt’s working with industry partners to establish open technology standards and ask the challenging questions to ensure the technology maturation accounts for business needs.

Kurt has a Master’s in Computer Science from Florida Atlantic University, a Master’s in Engineering Management from University of Central Florida, and has worked with visualization technologies for 13 years.