Matthew Leshko
Training and Competence Manager

Matthew Leshko is a licensed USCG Unlimited tonnage Captain and OIM with a passion for innovation and process optimization in the Maritime and Drilling industries. With a wealth of experience both offshore and onshore, he has held various roles and job titles, always pushing beyond the boundaries of his job description to create systematic approaches that streamline processes and enhance efficiency through technology.

Driven by a lifelong fascination with computers and emerging technologies, Matthew possesses a relentless drive to learn and explore new possibilities. This has enabled him to consistently identify creative solutions to problems, regardless of their scale. Over the past four years, he has spearheaded the Training and Competence division of the largest offshore drilling contractor, overseeing the global workforce.

Matthew's transformative journey began by revolutionizing the training experience through highly interactive eLearning programs that closely simulate real-life equipment, alarms, and outcomes encountered offshore. Building upon this success, he has embarked on an exciting exploration of the XR realm. This expansion includes leveraging technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, digital twins, and virtual tours to revolutionize training methodologies and push the boundaries of what is possible.

With his comprehensive knowledge of the industry and expertise in leveraging technology for operational excellence, Matthew Leshko is recognized as an esteemed speaker and respected thought leader in the field. He is extremely excited for the future and the continued advancement of technology. And looks forward to discovering innovative approaches and stay ahead in this ever-evolving industry.