Nobel Vale
Bristol Myers Squibb
Principal Scientist

Nobel Vale is a Principal Scientist in Bristol Myers Squibb since 2012, working in the Global Product Development & Supply organization under the subgroup Integrated Technology & Engineering. He leads an internal initiative called ARGILE (Assistive Reality Gadgets in Lab Environments), that leverages innovative digital technologies, such as AR/VR, to enable remote telepresence and optimize processes & workflows. During the pandemic, this enabled the implementation of over 100 devices throughout the internet/external networks globally, enabling real-time communication & troubleshooting, minimizing in-person travel, and enabling cost savings.

He also co-leads a project that leverages digital capabilities to automate and optimize the data collection from equipment in labs & process environments. This enabled digital capture of data, the generation of real-time visualizations, and minimizing manual data entry & transcription.

Nobel earned his B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University.