Stephen Veale
Continuous Improvement Engineer

Stephen Veale, CMRP/CRL, is a Continuous Improvement (CI) Engineer with Mars Wrigley, a global leader in the confectionary, food and pet industries. A former United States Air Force officer specializing in aircraft technical program management, maintenance, munitions, logistics and acquisitions, Stephen is currently located at Mars' flagship plant in Flowery Branch, Georgia. He has 30+ years of concentrated management and training expertise in aviation/aeronautics management, as well as chemical and confectionary manufacturing. Stephen's primary approach to the continuous improvement paradigm is to promote a balance between cutting-edge innovation and the ongoing refinement of existing tools and processes that have a proven history of delivering results. His Future Innovations Digital Team's current mission is to explore technologies that will improve the employee training experience and training material retention with a focus on manufacturing safety education. He believes VR and AR training tools will be integral to the future success of continuous improvement programs in the manufacturing sector.