Zavier Alexander
Naqi Logix
Director of Product Management

Zavier leads product development at Naqi Logix Inc, where he leverages his 15 years of deep experience in the biosensor and wearable space to build the next truly revolutionary human-machine interface. He has worked with global multidisciplinary teams to design, develop, and ship some of the world's first brainwave-sensing EEG headsets and apps for the consumer market. While pioneering a new product category he established new best practices for biosensor device and app design which helped to jump-start an ecosystem of developers into a platform of 100+ third-party apps and products.

Throughout his career, Zavier has collaborated with industry leaders such as Softbank, Mattel, Asus, Toshiba, Stanford University Hospital & Clinics, and Hyundai to integrate a wide array of biosensors into revolutionary products that connect with people and elevate our relationship with technology.

Zavier lives in San Francisco, California.