Blair MacIntyre

JPMorgan Chase

Blair MacIntyre is Global Head of Immersive Technology and Spatial Computing Research for JPMorgan Chase and Co. His research group seeks to understand how these technologies can be used effectively to benefit the company, its employees, and customers. Drawing on the expertise of stakeholders across the company, we create and evaluate novel solutions and prototype applications, publishing the results in top scientific conferences and journals, and transferring the results to product teams within the company where appropriate. He is on leave from Northeastern University, where he is a Professor in the College of Art, Media, and Design and in the Khoury College of Computer Sciences. He was a Professor in the School of Interactive Computing in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech for 23 years, where he directed the Augmented Environments Lab's work on the design and implementation of interactive mixed-reality and augmented-reality environments. His current research interest is collaborative mixed reality, in particular using distributed, social mixed reality to support online conferences, meetings, and teaching. Over the years, he has worked on programming and design tools for AR, understanding the potential of AR as a new medium for games, entertainment, education and work. He has also investigated military, industrial, and enterprise uses of AR. He has been working on bringing AR to the web since 2008, when he started the open-source Argon project, and was a Principal Research Scientist at Mozilla helping lead their web-based AR/VR efforts from 2016-2020 and was a co-designer of the initial WebXR APIs. He has been doing research in augmented reality since 1991, is actively involved with numerous conferences and workshops, speaks and consults regularly, and has published over 100 academic papers in the field.

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