Bo Wooley


Bo Wooley launched his multimedia career at Zo√ęs Kitchen in 2015, where his talent for creating educational and multimedia content quickly became apparent. Merging with CAVA in 2018, he spearheaded the development of an educational live streaming platform. In April 2021, Wooley continued to expand his expertise and influence in the field by joining the Coca-Cola Company. There, he applies his vast knowledge to envision and create compelling audiovisual materials, including virtual classroom recordings, training videos, and dynamic animations that enrich learning experiences.

At Coca-Cola, Wooley's role is pivotal in reimagining learning through advanced AR/VR solutions with 3D animation modeling, ensuring content is not only engaging but also immersive. He manages the Learning Innovation Studio, overseeing the maintenance of all hardware and software, while also leading the production of high-quality virtual learning sessions. His strategic vision for the studio's future involves a roadmap that integrates current technological enhancements with foresight into emerging innovations. Wooley's collaborative spirit and leadership in bridging technology with education continue to revolutionize how knowledge is shared and consumed within the industry.

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