Cody Murtle


Cody Murtle attended West Point where he was a four-year starter for the Army Baseball team and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering. After graduation, Cody branched Aviation and gained flight experience in the TH-57 and OH-58A/C before selecting his primary aircraft—the AH-64D Apache Helicopter. Cody served in various roles at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA, Fort Novosel, AL, and Fort Sam Houston before his final assignment to the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade at Fort Campbell, KY where he commanded D/1-101st—the AH-64E Maintenance Company for “Expect No Mercy” Battalion. After successful command, Cody transitioned out of the military to become a part of the Amentum team. He now serves as Capture Manager and Augmented Reality Lead for Amentum where he has led captures up to and greater than $1B and focuses on delivering tailored AR solutions to Amentum programs and customers.

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