John Rygg


John Rygg is proud to work for one of the largest and most respected construction, mining and engineering organizations in North America. Established in 1884, Kiewit is a 100% employee owned Fortune 300 company with over $10 billion in annual revenue, more than 25,000 employees, and the largest privately-owned equipment fleet in North America.

At Kiewit, John identifies incremental and disruptive innovation opportunities for Construction Technologies to drive operational excellence. These technologies include IoT, AR/VR, Autonomous Vehicle Control, Mobility, GPS asset tracking, Drone Technology,
3D Printing, Smart Vest technologies for personal safety, and more.

He has more than 20 years of experience managing and leading corporate IT teams in developing and implementing enterprise-wide software and infrastructure architectures. His work includes facilitating the technology strategic planning process to determine how IT can best benefit business outcomes. This also includes helping to capture innovation, thinking through corporate strategy, and putting technology to work in achieving it.

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