Tim Biery

Sr. Curriculum Designer & Trainer (e-Learning)

Tim Biery is a visionary leader in the realm of e-learning and augmented reality training, with a career marked by innovation and excellence. Currently serving as the Senior Curriculum Designer and Trainer at Niagara Bottling, he’s instrumental in crafting engaging and creative e-learning solutions for the Manufacturing Technology Group, leveraging impactful and interactive online learning as well as virtual training modalities including gamification training.

With over 18 years of experience in the e-learning industry and 26 years in Instructional Design, Tim has left an indelible mark, working with prestigious clients and organizations such as Oracle, Ciena Corporation, the US Army, the US Airforce, the US Marines, and the Leidos Antarctica projects. His expertise extends beyond the confines of traditional training, as he has demonstrated a remarkable ability to blend creativity and technology to deliver transformative learning experiences.

But Tim’s journey is one of multifaceted expertise and diverse experiences. From humble beginnings as a young entrepreneur who started their own lawn mowing business at the age of 10, to mastering the skies as a commercial and instrument-rated pilot with a B747-400 rating, his breadth of experience is unmatched. He’s also served as a greenskeeper, a trumpet player in the Polynesian Culture Center Brass Band, an advanced/rescue SCUBA diver, a volunteer firefighter, an ER EMT, a franchise business owner/operator, and an airplane de-icer at Denver International Airport. Additionally, he holds a commercial unmanned aircraft (drone) pilot certification.

Beyond his accomplishments in e-learning, Tim has made significant contributions to various industries. He’s crafted user guides, installation videos, and quick reference guides for Dish Network, and developed safety information cards for Frontier Airlines. His expertise in training extends to secret Air Force aircraft, United Airlines pilots, Frontier Airlines pilots, software engineers, military personnel, mechanical engineers, human resource professionals, compliance training, internet and cable companies, and manufacturing plant operators. His dedication to excellence has been recognized with awards in immersive simulation training.

To top all that, during the holiday season, Tim takes on a different role, bringing joy and happiness as a professionally trained Santa Claus certified by the Worldwide Santa Claus Network. With a wealth of knowledge and a passion for driving innovation, Tim continues to shape the future of learning and development, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

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