Trent Randles


Trent Randles is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in the automotive industry. Starting as a mechanic at a Ford Dealership, he later transitioned into the engineering field of automotive manufacturing. His journey led him to Plastic Omnium, where he held roles, including Assembly Engineer on both the Operations and Design Teams, as well as Project Engineer on the Launch Team.

His passion for continuous improvement and leadership skills propelled him to Magna Seating, where he assumed the role of Production System Manager. There, he led the Continuous Improvement Team, driving efficiency and excellence across the organization. Later, he joined BorgWarner as a Manufacturing Engineering Manager, contributing to the company’s success through his expertise in process optimization and innovation.
Subsequently he took on the role of Engineering & Operational Excellence Manager, where he oversees multiple departments, including Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Packaging, Continuous Improvement, Training, and Academic Engagement. His commitment to integrating digital technologies within manufacturing processes has been instrumental in enhancing quality and efficiency.

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