Zachary Peters


Meet Zachary Peters: serial degree collector, tech whisperer, and your not-so-average workshop warrior. Armed with a mountain of degrees (and an Everest-sized pile of student debt to match), Zachary has journeyed from academia to real-world application, proving that the classroom is everywhere, and student loans are forever.

When he’s not rebooting his career into Web Development or dropping knowledge at conferences, you might find him in his woodshop, turning planks into masterpieces, in the backyard kitchen, experimenting with flavors, or casually sipping on a Miller Lite—because sometimes the best beer is the one that’s right in your hand.

Catch him at the Augmented Enterprise Summit 2024, where he’ll blend irreverence with insight, making technology as approachable as his choice of beer. Zachary promises not just to enlighten but to entertain, ensuring you leave with a smile and perhaps a few new tech tricks up your sleeve.

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