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At Haply Robotics, we revolutionize how professionals interact with and perceive digital environments through our flagship product, the Inverse3. As experts in spatial computing technologies, we understand the transformative power of tactile feedback in immersive simulation. The Inverse3 stands as the new standard in simulation technology. This high-precision controller enables users to feel textures, shapes, and forces within VR, making virtual environments as tangible as the real world. Our device supports extensive applications ranging from healthcare, where clinicians can simulate medical procedures with unparalleled accuracy, to industrial settings, for intuitive robotic control, and creative sectors like design and gaming.


The Future of Touch: Unveiling Our Haptic Innovation & User-Centric Approach | Haply Robotics

Discover the essence of haptic technology - the art of digital touch. Learn how force feedback can shape our virtual interactions and revolutionize robotic control. Explore its significance in everyday interactions and the missing link in current VR experiences and robotic applications.

Inverse3 | Haply Robotics

A new kind of force-feedback controller, reimagined for unmatched versatility

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