Luminous XR


Luminous XR are transforming the way businesses help their employees learn and develop skills through their immersive, virtual training experiences and learning platform.

Luminous specializes in creating bespoke high-quality, immersive training modules for high-risk industries in virtual reality that come complete with a branded virtual PORTAL, an intuitive LMS that provides in-depth, tangible analytics insights for trainers and trainees on learning progress.

The Luminous team develop XR content using their content creation tool, FLOW for Unity which allows training content to be created 80% faster than usual, and FLOW is available for use by Unity developers worldwide.


The Luminous XR Platform

Luminous XR is the go-to XR training platform for creators and developers who want to create high-quality XR training content, and for enterprises and educational institutions on their digital transformation journeys who want to improve learning and development programmes for employees, improve safety training and help with onboarding and skills building.

From production, all the way through to training deployment and sharing your courses worldwide, Luminous XR helps you do it all.

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Transform learning with bespoke VR training content

Change the way your employees train and build skills with risk free, cost effective VR training, tailored to suit your enterprise’s unique learning and development requirements.

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