MadXR is a premier provider of XR content development, specializing in immersive experiences for industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, automotive, retail, aerospace, and aviation. We offer a range of solutions, from off-the-shelf training modules to customized experiences, designed to meet specific educational and training needs. Our services are adaptable to any platform, including, PixoVR, Immerse, Viroo, SynergyXR, EducationXR, and others, ensuring flexibility across different technologies. Additionally, we are committed to affordability, with custom VR training solutions averaging $35k. Upon completion, clients receive full ownership of all intellectual property and native files, such as Unity packages, substance painter files, etc. ensuring they have complete control over their content. Based in Houston, Texas, MadXR is dedicated to creating affordable experiences to revolutionize enterprise training.


MadXR Working from Heights VR Training

MadXR IOGP Energy Isolation VR Training

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