Squint is the easiest way to capture, retrieve, and visualize your factory's most important information. Attach digital information to machines on the floor using Augmented Reality (AR).


Introducing Squint 2.0

Since we first launched Squint in 2022, we’ve been continuously iterating on the product with our customers to build the ultimate operator experience. For example, we heard from customers that they needed an easier way to capture and access knowledge on the floor, so we added two AI-powered features to our platform: Video-To-Procedure Generation, which automatically turns a video of an operator at work into a work instruction, and Copilot, which connects Squint to all your manuals and documents and allows you to ask any question for instant answers.

Introducing Expert Eyes by Squint - exclusively for Apple Vision Pro

Introducing Expert Eyes by Squint for Apple Vision Pro

What Can Squint Do For You?

Hi, we’re Squint. The Squint team has spent hours and hours talking to industry experts, in factories, over beers, living and breathing manufacturing because Squint wants to make the best possible software to help you achieve your goals. The outcome of these many, many conversations is that we hear manufacturing problems — it’s hard to deploy new software, it's a pain to standardize SOPs, and engaging operators is a huge unsolved priority.

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