Augmented Enterprise Summit Content Library

Below, you’ll find short video clips with invaluable insight from past sessions of the Augmented Enterprise Summit, as well as our latest original blog posts covering XR, digital twins, and AI in enterprise. Watch this space for regularly updated content you can’t get anywhere else.


MillerKnoll and 3D Configuration

In this clip from the 2023 Augmented Enterprise Summit, MillerKnoll’s Lorna Jean Marcuzzo explains the value of being able to visualize exactly what you’re going to receive in an order.

"What isn't the hardest part of XR adoption?"

An exchange between Jenny Taylor (Duke Energy) and Gene Feldman (Nestlé Purina) from the 2023 Augmented Enterprise Summit on conveying the benefits of XR to execs and change management.

XR for Soft Skills Training at Chick-fil-A

In this clip from the 2023 Augmented Enterprise Summit, Rich Beaudrie talks about training people to care and the future of GenAI in soft skills training.

Amping up Hospitality in Retail with XR

How do you translate hospitality into confidence using 3D/XR? Michael Hammond of Trek Bicycle speaks about using XR to communicate both internally and externally in this 2023 clip.

3D Digital Twins for Business-to-Business Sales

Angela Carnrite talks about Thermo Fisher Scientific’s immersive lab design tool in this clip from the 2023 Augmented Enterprise Summit.


Apple Vision Pro: Already a Hit in Healthcare and Retail

Early adopters in healthcare and retail are already testing proofs of concept and releasing branded apps for the Apple Vision Pro.

Applying GenAI to the Challenges of XR Content Creation

GenAI may be the answer to the daunting task of populating virtual worlds, enhancing the realism of XR/extended reality, and bringing avatars to life.

XR and Artificial Intelligence (AI): A Perfect Match

Check out 3 ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already impacting enterprise XR or spatial computing.

Synergies Between XR and Sustainability in Industry